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User Interfaces for applications on phones and desktop are all about great design and ease of use. Without the right feel and look you could lose your audience. Concept design for the user interface of applications is a specialty of mine. With a 10 year background in graphic design I create innovative and engaging concepts and have the technical ability to go from drawing to finished product. Below are some examples of work I've made both as a front and back end developer.  For any questions please reach out on my contact page. 

Portfolio Pagerjpg-13.jpg
Mock- Up / Rendering
Portfolio Pagerjpg-22.jpg
Live Site - Weather App
Portfolio Pagerjpg-24.jpg
Live Site - Run Buddy Inc
Portfolio Pagerjpg-23.jpg
Live Site - Artist Site
Portfolio Pagerjpg-25.jpg
Live Site - Ecommerce
Portfolio Pagerjpg-21.jpg
Live App IOS, Android, Web
Portfolio Pagerjpg-20.jpg
Concept to product
Portfolio Pagerjpg-18.jpg
Div Mapping
Portfolio Pagerjpg-14.jpg
Interaction Design
Portfolio Pagerjpg-14.jpg
Story Board/ Wireframe
Portfolio Pagerjpg-15.jpg
Live Site - Create360
Portfolio Pagerjpg-16.jpg
Live Site - DG For Sale
Portfolio Pagerjpg-19.jpg
Adobe XD Clickable Prototype
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