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Ali Mitchell   Architectural consulting

Artistic Renderings

I use a combination of computer programs and traditional art techniques to create high quality architectural renderings . As part of this process, I create quick concept sketches and paintings, as well as photoshoped material/ color palettes.  I inspect and photograph building locations to accurately place renderings within a site. Using a combination of CAD files, photographs, paintings and photoshop I create beautiful, realistic images of buildings that have yet to be made. These high-quality images are valuable presentation materials for various needs in marketing, leasing, development or city planning. 

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality allows for an alternative form of architectural renderings that are geared towards rapid conception and development. In this medium, "drawings" can be scaled up and the viewer can inhabit the rendering, which allows for an excellent sense of architectural scale. These CAD models are easily malleable and can be sculpted with a client to explore the "feel" of a building. Detail elements like texture or landscaping can be hand- drawn into these renderings for an added value in customer visualization, rapid feedback, and 3D printed models. 


Site Study & Maps

The character of a landscape is extremely important to the success and identity of a proposed building. I make a point to research and visualize the location of any rendering with 3D modeled and historical maps, satellite imagery and site visits. 

Contact & Quotes

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